Monday, December 04, 2006

Tearing Apart the Seat

Well, I had more mixed success with the seat for my recumbent. My sewing job turned out very nice (almost professional quality), but when I installed the bottom and tried it out - let's just say it was a little too stretchy. I found myself sitting on the top tube, wishing I weren't. I've also decided that the seat back MUST be raised about 10 degrees more. The seat bottom needs to be tilted back about 5 degrees more, and extended about 3 more inches.

So, tonight I began dismantling the seat, and looking at options. I think I'll reuse the seat back, but mount it to the bottom in a different place. I'll also reuse the bottom, except for the rear crosstube, which needs to be bowed, and dropped below the side tubes. The front cross tube needs a bushing between it and the frame to provide the correct tilt (thankfully I came across some 1/4" thick phenolic a few days ago and snatched it up just for occasions like this - free, too).




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