Monday, October 30, 2006

Seat Back and Movies

The recumbent bike project saw some progress this weekend. I welded about 90% of the seat back, then ran out of wire for the welder. Aarrgggh! I won't get out to pick up more until the weekend, so until then I will try to fit the seat back to the seat bottom, and look into possibilities for mounting them.

I'd like a clamp setup that allows easy adjustment forward and back, but I realize that might require a little more machining than I have the technology for. There are some commercial recumbents with some really innovative seat clamps, but they have real engineers and CNC machines to make them with. Maybe I can rig something out of steel angles that will pinch the top tube. I also need to put the whole bike together again so I can lay out the handlebars, put the front crank together with all 3 chain rings (and make sure that works). Little steps but moving down the trail, none the less.

I saw Over The Hedge this weekend. Pretty funny. Both kids cracked up the whole way through it. I had to go out the garage and work, they were laughing so loud. I also saw Click. It was odd, but enjoyable. Nice to watch something other than the usual Friday night chick flick. Oh, yeah, I also saw The Wedding Planner. Chick flick all the way. Gag, Yak, Choke. Last week I watched The Breakup with Jennifer whatever-her-name-is (really cute but why is she in the cover of every brainless magazine?). The ending sucked so bad. The DVD had an alternate ending which was nothing more than the same ending in a different place. Dumb.


Yes, I spent way too much time indoors this week.




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