Wednesday, September 20, 2006

More Bike Work

I really hope this doesn't get boring, hearing me yak about my bike all the time, but it really is about the only thing that has happened the last few days worth mentioning here in this sophisticated forum. It's not that it's going to be such a great bike, but it's lots of fun to build.

I've spent about 2 hours total this week finishing the welds (I'm getting much better), then prepping the frame for primer. I want to have the frame ready to paint before I assemble it next time to mount the seat and handlebars. Then I can test ride it as soon as I put the seat and handlebars on, then disassemble, paint and reassemble it for proving.

I also need to get a tubing bender to start working on the seat frame. I think just a conduit bender will work, but I don't want some cheap piece of junk that has a rough finish on the inside of the groove. I want nice smooth bends that are ready to paint. Maybe I'll just get the $15 conduit bender and polish the inside of the groove.

I found this cool bell by following a link from The Recumbent Blog. I think I'll order it for my bike. It would work well in the right side of my handlebars, with a mirror mounted in the left side.




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