Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Grinding Away

Tonight I cleaned up a few welds on my recumbent frame (most of them needed some kind of touch up). There are two I need to weld again - I just don't think they have enough penetration to trust with supporting my ampleness as I ride like a madman.

The next phase will be the seat. That will take some thinking, and lots of studying pictures on the net. I looked at paint today. I'm no painter, so I'm planning on rattle-canning the whole thing. Red frame, black and chrome components, black seat, black stem and handle bars, and a pasty fool riding it.

I really like the paint job on this bike, but I'm sure they don't use spray paint. It's nothing fancy, just a good looking basic paint job to make a simple bike look great. It just looks like it wants to go for a ride, doesn't it.




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