Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Progress At Last!

The recumbent project is breathing again. I know - you're shocked. Yesterday, I ground the tubes for the seat bottom, and made a jig to hold it square while I welded it. This afternoon, I practiced welding for a few minutes just to warm up, then went at it.

My welding turned out pretty good this time. I'm getting better at it, and for once I think I did a fair job of it. This tubing is thinner than the larger tubing, so it was trickier, but taking more time to set each weld up and being extra careful paid off.

Tonight I measured and started cutting tubes for the seat back. Both uprights are cut, and I cut the first cross piece and bent it. Now to make two more cross pieces exactly like it.

I need to start looking for a strong, breathable fabric to make the seat out of. I'll sew a seam up the sides to double up the fabric where it wraps over the side bars, then punch eyelets and lace it up the back with parachute cord, so I'll need fabric strong enough to not tear out at the holes, while still being breathable enough to not drench me between here and the video store. Almost time to go shopping again. I have very few ideas about how to attach this seat once I've built it, but I'll figure something out. I have to.




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