Sunday, November 05, 2006

Go Figure

I finished welding up my seat back, and attached the back and bottom together. I don't think the joint is strong enough to last through much abuse, so once I figure out the best angle for the seat back I think I'll weld a gusset in to make it permanent.

Elsewhere in the project I became frustrated. Evidently I left the bottle valve on last time I welded, and there is a slow leak at the regulator. I have almost no co2/agron left. Another week of no welding. So I decided to start assembling the bike so I can test fit the seat. I started to assemble the crank, so I could figure out the chain rings, and. . . . . where are the crank bearings . . . . .where are the crank bearing caps . . . . . hhhhmmmmmm. For the life of me I can't find what I did with them. I have a red bin that all the parts are kept in, they just aren't there. gggrrrrrr.




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