Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Recumbent Seat Progress

On my recumbent bike project, I assembled the crank with just the two stock chainrings (with bearings and cones from the ramp cruiser) and figured out how I will attach the seat bottom in the back. I welded on two flat plates, and drilled them to accept two U-bolts that will hold the seat bottom rear cross tube. The front mount will have a similar arrangement. I'll weld a small plate to the cross bar and use a single U-bolt to clamp it to the top frame tube.

I found two perfect seat back support rods - I tore apart an old bike rack that was broken in three places, and the rods that mounted it are the perfect length, predrilled, and look very nice. I welded tabs on the seat back to mount them and they fit great. If this sounds confusing, take heart, I'll take some pictures soon and load them.

It's beginning to look like the recumbent I had pictured in my head, even if it is quite heavy.
The Recumbent Blog has an interesting post today, on what little difference a superlight bike makes for the average Joe. I wonder how much difference a superheavy bike makes.

I still haven't found fabric for the seat. I have some black rip-stop nylon in the closet - maybe I'll just use that for now, and sweat it out. I need to get that sewn together, so I can sit in the seat to plan out my handlebars. I need to throw some primer on, too, before it starts to rust.




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