Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Good News for the Project

I found a source for the bearings and cones I'm missing for my recumbent project. A friend gave me a pretty nice mountain bike sometime back that he dug out of a dumpster at his secure storage unit. He wasn't scrounging, but most of the bike was sticking up, and immediately he thought of me and our fleet of bicycles at work. It had some damage and a few pieces missing, but it was a high-end one that appeared to be repairable. You might recall, it's the one I started to tear down to use as a base for my recumbent, only to realize after removing EVERYTHING that it was aluminum, and thus beyond my welding capability.

To make a long story shorter, I reassembled it Monday evening , and tuned it up Tuesday evening, digging through my pile of spare parts to replace whatever was missing to make it usable. I'll take it to work today and swap it out with one of the older "ramp cruisers" I donated last year that is wearing out. The bottom bracket on the "one-brake, three-gear, death trap" of a ramp cruiser is the same style/size as my recumbent.

Now I'll be able to resume assembling the recumbent to fit the seat, and make some handlebars.
Here's to good friends! Yeah!




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