Monday, November 27, 2006

Recumbent Update

This weekend, I fabricated the steering tube, and installed the handlebar. I also installed the brakes, and measured for the rear derailleur cable (I have a new one that is just barely long enough). The handlebar is going to be crowded with grips, gripshifter (on the right only - thumb shifter on the left) and brakes. It came from a kids bike, but is the perfect shape for this project. If I find I can't use it, I have a couple of backups, but I really like this bar because it has such a nice droop to match my arms coming up from below.

I modified the seat a little to make the back-to-bottom connection stronger, but in the process, tipped it back about 5 degrees further. I think it might be a little more than I had wanted, but it's still not quite as far as some production recumbents. The only way to tell for sure is to try it out on some test rides, which I am really looking forward to.

I had some black rip-stop nylon laying around that was leftover from a temporary streamer we put on the balloon when the
Belarussian military shot down a balloon during the Gordon Bennett. Always a rebel. Although it may not be strong enough to stand up to years of wear and tear, I decided to go ahead and use it since I may be building a better seat fairly soon anyway. I measured and cut the fabric, now I just have to sew it up. I can't wait to installed the seat cover so I can sit in the exact position I'll be riding in. The boards I've been sitting on are little too stiff and thick to get a true feel for pedal position, arm angel, neck support, etc. At any rate, I'm beginning to install all the little parts to get it ready to ride - just as the weather is turning crummy.




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