Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Seat Material

I have some seat material, that I believe is the same stuff the commercial builders use. I found it at Fabric Depot, under the name of Phifertex. It's vinyl coated polyester mesh, and from the little bit of pulling and tugging I've done, it's very durable and doesn't stretch. Plus it will breath like it isn't even there, which will be nice for summer rides.

On my way to go fabric shopping, I took the long way and went by Coventry Cycle Works. Wow, I felt like I'd been to church when I left there. I could actually hear angels singing when I looked at the trikes closeup. There are Catrikes, Terra Cycles, Burleys, and Bachettas that now have my tongue marks on them. They were working on a very rare (and very odd looking) British trike. I had to ask the mechanic how to steer it - it was that weird. Anyway, I'm glad I went there because I saw a lot of different ways to solve problems (like seat mounting, cable routing, steering for trikes, etc), and had a nice chat with the mechanic. He invited me to come back sometime and take a few test rides - I could ride anything on the floor. Talk about an inspiring day - all that on top of getting my hair cut.




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