Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Seat Cover

More Pictures. The top one shows the fabric after I cut it out. I applied wide masking tape wherever I needed to make a mark and laid everything out using a pencil and a yard stick. Then I laid the fabric over the frame to make sure I had the cutouts in the right place, and to think through the seam corners so I wouldn't mess it up. Then I made the cuts.

The second picture shows the two sewn/grommeted pieces laying on the frame. The cutouts are where the cross pieces underneath are welded on. They actually line up this time. I made the 2" top and bottom seams first, then the cutouts, and finally the 1" side seams. I used 1/4" grommets again (more on the bottom, less on the sides). The third picture is a closeup of a cutout.

The Recumbent Blog had an entry today for the Greenspeed Frog (trike). I'm thinking of building a trike next, so I was excited to check it out. The website the link took me to is like a candy store. There is a link on the left side (Builders Corner), that has more homebuilt bike pictures than I've ever seen. And the pictures show all kinds of stuff, from CAD drawings of concept bikes to "how I attached three headlights". Of course the text is in Dutch(?), but a picture is worth a thousand words to a visual learner like me.




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