Monday, February 12, 2007

Seat Frame Again

I apologize for not writing much lately. There haven't been many things worth mentioning, at least not that I feel like sharing. I guess I haven't been feeling very wordy.

Here are some more pictures. I made the new seat frame this weekend. It will lay back a little more, sit further forward, and have less of a "thigh shelf". It's quite a bit norrower, a decision I really hope I don't regret. I cut off the idler pulley mount, reinstalled it closer to the frame and made a clip to keep the chain from bouncing off when I go over big bumps.

I rode around a bunch Saturday hopping off curbs, going in tight circles, and just getting used to the feel of things. I'm going to develop some serious thigh muscles on this thing. I was surprised at just how little shifting I needed to do riding around the neighborhood. I could still pedal productively up a small hill in the same gear I used to come down it. Shucks, on my Schwinn I'd have shifted through the entire range going both ways. Maybe the Schwinn is just too easy to shift, and too hard to pedal.




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