Sunday, March 16, 2008

Toolbox Cart

I made a little trolley to carry my toolbox around on. It gets a little heavy when it's loaded with all the essentials, and carrying it across the parking lot or around work can give a real bugger of a back ache. That's the problem with large top boxes - they almost carry too much.

Anyway, I used about 5 feet of 1x1x1/8" angle, and cut 45 deg corners to fit around the perimeter of my box. Then I welded each corner, and stuck on some old wheels I had lying around. To hook on a tow rope, I welded on a master chain link in it's 'open' position. Neato. Altogether it took about 3 hours to build including paint. Now when I need to haul my toolbox around, I'm ready to go mobile.




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