Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Front Fender

I went to Coventry Cycle Works on Friday and bought a Planet Bike front fender for $15. I like Coventry Cycle Works - the showroom is like a candy store, and they are so friendly. I brought my son along. He was truly amazed at all the recumbents and trikes. Right away, he pointed out a very nice Catrike and said, "Wow, this one looks really fast - we should buy it!"

"Yeah, I'd love to. Go tell your mother we should get one."

The front fender is now installed. I test rode the bike tonight, and trimmed a small notch in the rear fender where the chain rubbed when on the largest gear. Everything else works well, and I'm happy. The fenders fit well and look good.

Should I dare to say I'm done building and ready to paint?




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