Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Rear Fender

I installed the rear fender. It fits quite well, although I trimmed a little at the brake caliper. It looks good and I like it.

The front fender, yes the front fender. Well, it looked like it might have been a 24" size, so I thought up a great way to reform it. Tonight I ran some very hot water over it to make it pliable, then tightly coiled it up and wrapped tape around the outside to hold it (#2 above).

To keep the tape from unwrapping, I tied it with string. I laid it in the sink and slowly poured a tea kettle of boiling water over it. After allowing it to cool, I cut the tape and string off and voila! I had a tightly coiled plastic fender! Not exactly what I had expected t happen, but maybe I could still save things. (#3 above)

I had an extra 16" wheel (#4 above) that I thought would make a great form, so I stretched the coil of plastic around the tire and wrapped it with tape again, and repeated the boiling water treatment. When I started to unwrap the tape, I began to realize the situation had gone form hopeless to being a train wreck. (#5 above)

Then I started laughing out loud and finished unwrapping the rest of the fender. (#6 above) As I looked at the twisted, distorted mass of junk I had to admit that sometimes I am nothing short of a moron. What was I thinking, pouring boiling hot water over plastic? If I were stranded in the amazon and needed this fender to save my life from venomous fire ants flying up from my tire as I sped down the road, I would use it without hesitation. But then if I were riding through puddles of poisonous ants in the amazon I would deserve to have a hideous looking bike. I'm just glad I can laugh at myself.

"Hello? Planet Bike? I'd like to order a 16" Freddy Fender for the front of my recumbent. Yes, I'll hold." Oh great, they're out of stock. Hmmm. I knew I should have ordered it last week.




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