Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Steering and More

I have collected the pieces I need to build the under seat steering. I'm using the rest of the fork stem from my old Huffy mountain bike for pivot bearings, a straight handlebar for the center portion and a kid's handlebar for the end sections. I rough cut the pieces now I just have to fit and jig them. I'll take some pictures along the way, as usual.

I also decided to shorten my seat back. I can trim about 4" off the top, and still receive the same amount of support in my shoulders, especially since my arms will be hanging down. It made me a little nervous to have the square corners of the seat back so close to my head in case of a real hard wipe out. I also think it will make it look a little less gangly. Of course, I'll need to sew new seat covers to fit the mods, but that's not a big deal.




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