Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Riding My Recumbent Bike Again

I took a ride yesterday after making the last set of changes to my bike project.

The seat is pretty comfortable, and I don't slip down anymore. I think I've conquered that challenge.

The front boom is a lot stiffer now, and while riding it, I didn't really notice any flex, although I have to admit I forgot to watch for it while riding.

I made a better place to mount the sensor for the speedometer, and attached a bracket to the frame to hold the display at the bottom of the steering riser (between my thighs when I look down). I discovered the magnet that attaches to a spoke and whips past the sensor, was a loose so it wasn't registering when the bike was going above about 5 mph. I tightened it during a mid-ride garage stop. Also during the stop, I realigned the back wheel which I installed crooked two days ago (how embarrassing).

After a couple more trips around the block, I decided the bike handles much better with the new front dropouts (and the rear wheel straightened out). It's a little floppy at very slow speeds (below about 4 mph), but feels smooth, predictable and solid at higher speeds. I would like to have a little more tiller in the handlebars, though. Tiller is the distance from the centerline of the steering tube, back to your hands. Maybe I'll reverse the gooseneck or try another handlebar.

The front brake position still looks fine even though the tire sits 1/2" further forward than before. In fact, it might even line up better. Go figure.

I'll take some pictures tomorrow - I promise. I'm finally getting closer to a finished bike! It's been about a year since I started.




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