Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Update on Everything

It seems like I've been ignoring the garage projects lately, but really I haven't. I have 3 separate things I'm juggling: 1) the recumbent bike project 2) adding cabinets to the family room 3) restoring my pachinko machine.

The Bike -
I'm ready to tear the bike apart and paint it. The only problem here is that my work space in the garage has been over-run by cabinets. I guess it will be a nice fall project....I won't go into my feelings about this.

The Cabinets -
We've decided to replace our oak book cases and worn old desk with a permanent "cabinet/counter top/desk/entertainment center thing". I'm in the process of finishing a tall cabinet (looks like a pantry cabinet) to go in the corner, and three base units (one with all drawers) to go under the counter top, along a 16 foot wall in the family room. While it's a lot of work, and the timing is pretty bad (right in the middle of my bike project), I have to admit I'm looking forward to the finished product.

Pachinko -
I've been doing a LOT of reading, looking at pictures, studying diagrams, browsing forums, and surfing ever pachinko site on the internet. The best ever site for information, help, parts, advice, pictures, and fun is Pachitalk. There is a good explanation of how a vintage pachinko machine works at Dan's Pachinko Page. And this guy has been chronicling his pachinko machine restoration - like what I need to do to mine. Pachinko fans can really love their machines.

On top of that school started this week; both kids going this year. The youngest is going to try out for the swim team in a couple of weeks, so they will be swimming together.

The garden hasn't been very productive. We got some huge zucchini, that luckily a friend has been taking off my hands. The giant pumpkins just might be large enough by Halloween. The watermelons are still about 2" in diameter. We got 2 cucumbers, a bag of green beans, no peas, 1 bell pepper that rotted on the vine before it was big enough to pick. The corn is still growing, but in varying stages. I'll feel lucky if we get a dozen full sized ears. The sunflowers are doing good - about 8 feet tall and one is about 10" in diameter. Next year, I'll do things differently...




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