Thursday, January 03, 2008

Tac-100 Modification

Introducing the new and improved "TAC-100" overwater swim practice attack board - the perfect swim board for aspiring army kids.

My son, who really likes army stuff and has his own secret "army", needed a kick board for swim practice. I happily found a way to combine both of his loves, receiving my inspiration from the TAC-100 boards that the Navy Seals use in underwater combat missions. Of course, theirs are much more complex and have a depth meter and timers built in, but I don't think mine turned out half bad.

I started by ordering a plain black kick board, made of closed cell foam. The I found a small clip-on compass and removed the clip and eye from the ball. Using a small piece of sheet metal with a 1.25" hole punched in it as a template, I hollowed out a pocket for the compass to nest into then glued it in using black silicone RTV. He's thrilled with the finished product, and shows it off whenever he can.




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