Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More Wheel Pics

Here's a top view of the rear wheel installed. That's a 14-28 7 speed freewheel. We might swap that out for something with a higher range later on, but I had this one laying around and it's almost new.
Here is the left steering arm. The brake caliper mounts on top of the two towers. Yeah, I know, the spiral in the center of the brake rotors points the wrong way - the wheels are installed backwards, but that will get fixed when we take it apart again.
And the right is shown here. The caliper mounts underneath this one on similar towers.
Here is the right side again from underneath. The king pins are tilted in 20 deg, and back 15 deg. This setup gives me about 1.5" of trail and center point steering. I was shooting for a little less trail, but the bottom of the king pin prevents me from moving the axle farther forward. Another option would be to weld the steering arms to the bottom of the king pins, but I really want this to be easy to repair years from now.
I ordered some rod ends from McMaster-Carr to use in the steering linkage. At around $2.25 each, this was much better than trying to scrounge up a set of suitable rod ends like I did for my red bike. That only used 2, and it didn't mater what size they were. Here I need symmetry, so all 4 need to be the same (and I added a couple extra for future use since shipping was the same).




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