Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hubs & Rims

Time to build some wheels for the trike. I'm combining two sets of bike wheels, taking the rear hub from both and placing them with the rims from one bike. The idea is to take advantage of the larger diameter axle, as well as use the cog mount as a brake disc mount. To do this, I disassembled the hubs completely, then welded the cog mounting piece onto the end of the hub housing. I discarded the brake shoes, return spring and middle bearing. The other two bearings are installed in the ends. I won't be using the cogs; they just indicate where the brake discs will go. I'll make some aluminum donuts to adapt the discs once I get them.

On to the rims... The front rim had only 20 spokes as opposed the rear rim's 28. So that I had a matching set, I welded up the 20 holes, then marked and drilled the rim for 28. It came out pretty good, I think.



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