Monday, August 30, 2010

Trike Frame Pictures

Finally - pictures of the trike frame. Construction is going pretty fast so far. I'm using bottom brackets for the king pins. I ordered the shells from Nova Cycle Supply, and got the bottom bracket parts from Jenson USA. I'm a little concerned that the cheap bottom brackets might not hold up well to the pounding they will take by being loaded vertically, but by using cheap standardized parts, I can test the concept for under $40. Then if the design seems to work I can upgrade to better quality parts when these wear out. If, in practice, my idea just totally stinks, I can always cut the bottom bracket shells off and redesign the steering knuckles from the beginning. The axle will mount to a (still to be designed) T bracket that will fit onto the lower square taper of the bottom brackets. The handlebars will fit onto the top taper. Simple, modular, easy to modify and easy to repair.

This is my son's trike. He's currently 9 but will top out at around 6' and easily hit 200#, according to the pediatrician. The trike needs to be very adjustable so he will be able to ride it for years (like to college because his poor dad isn't going to buy him a car).




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