Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Salem Monster Cookie Metric Century

Sunday,  did my first Metric Century! I remember when I first started riding my red recumbent two years ago, and I couldn't go around the block twice without wheezing and coughing. I'm proud of my improvement, even though I know that for many other riders, it's not a big deal. For those who've done 200k and 300k brevets, I'm sure my accomplishments seem silly, but for me, it's all about personal bests, and improvement. I'm looking forward to working my way up to a 100 mile ride, and maybe farther. Then I'll work on being able to do them on consecutive days, until I can actually ride my bike anywhere I want without trepidation. But for now, I'll ride my bike to work a couple of times a week, and take long rides on the weekends when I can. There's no timeline for me. Only a "fun" line, and according to that one, I'm right on schedule.




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